Related datasets

(2022) SRN dataset - Regional Observation and Monitoring Program for Phytoplankton and Hydrology in the eastern English Channel. SEANOE.

REPHY-French Observation And Monitoring Program For Phytoplankton And Hydrology In Coastal Waters (2022). REPHY dataset - French Observation and Monitoring program for Phytoplankton and Hydrology in coastal waters. Metropolitan data. SEANOE.

REPHYTOX-French Monitoring Program For Phycotoxins In Marine Organisms (2022). REPHYTOX dataset. French Monitoring program for Phycotoxins in marine organisms. Data since 1987. SEANOE.

(2021) PHYTOBS dataset - French National Service of Observation for Phytoplankton in coastal waters. SEANOE.

Karasiewicz Stephane, Lefebvre Alain (2021). Environmental impact on harmful species’, Pseudo-nitzschia spp. and Phaeocystis globosa, phenology and niche: Dataset. SEANOE.

Chenouf Sarra, Merzereaud Mathieu, Perez Jose, Raux Pascal (2020). Determination of scallop production areas closures due to phycotoxins along the Eastern English Channel using data from REPHY and REPHYTOX monitoring networks. SEANOE.

Karasiewicz Stephane, Chapelle Annie, Bacher Cedric, Soudant Dominique (2019). Harmful algae niche response(s) to environmental and community variation along the French coast. Dataset. SEANOE.

Hernandez Farinas, Tania, Ribeiro, Lourenço, Soudant, Dominique, Belin, Catherine, Bacher, Cédric, Lampert, Luis, Barillé, Laurent (2017). Contribution of benthic microalgae to the temporal variation in phytoplankton assemblages in a macrotidal system. Supplementary Data S1. SEANOE.