LabMare Coastal station : A shallow water cabled observatory in the Eastern Ligurian Sea

Date 2022-04-11
Temporal extent 2020-03-09 -2022-03-23
Author(s) Bordone AndreaORCID1, Ciuffardi TizianaORCID1, Delbono IvanaORCID1, Pannacciulli Federica1, Raiteri GiancarloORCID1, Locritani MarinaORCID2, Muccini FilippoORCID2, Cocchi LucaORCID2, Demarte Maurizio3, Ivaldi RobertaORCID3, Berta MaristellaORCID4, Borghini Mireno4, Vetrano Anna4, Caprino Giovanni5, Marini Davide5, Schierano Erika5
Affiliation(s) 1 : ENEA - Centro Ricerche Ambiente Marino Santa Teresa, Via S. Teresa, 19032 Lerici, La Spezia, Italy
2 : Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Via di Vigna Murata 605 00143 Roma, Italy
3 : Istituto Idrografico della Marina, P.sso dell’Osservatorio 4, 16134 Genova, Italy
4 : Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche- Istituto di Scienze Marine (CNR-ISMAR) Sede Secondaria di Lerici, Forte Santa Teresa s.n.c, 19032, Lerici, La Spezia , Italy
5 : Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine scrl, Viale Nicolò Fieschi 18, 19123 La Spezia, Italy
DOI 10.17882/87643
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) Ligurian Sea, La Spezia, Italy, Temperature, Salinity, LabMare, Real-time, cabled observatory

In 2019, the Ligurian DLTM Consortium (CNR, DLTM, ENEA, IIM, INGV) has installed a coastal cabled, real-time, monitoring station, at around 10 m depth in the Eastern Ligurian Sea (44°4’54.96”N 09°52’50.12”E in S. Teresa Bay, La Spezia). The coastal station monitors temperature, pressure, water conductivity and derived salinity at 10 m depth with very high frequency (10 minutes interval). The observatory has as main purpose the study of coastal ecosystems, hydrodynamic processes and, in the long term, the effects of climate change. It is also a test site for new instruments and sensors. Due to maintenance activities some records are missing. The two-year dataset proposed here will be upgraded annually.

Licence CC-BY
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Acknowledgements LabMare is co-financed by the Liguria Region (PAR-FSC resources 2007-2013). The authors wish to thank the Dipartimento Polizia di Stato - Centro Nautico Sommozzatori Polizia di Stato (CNeS) – LA SPEZIA for their underwater support in the maintenance of the observatory.
Sensor metadata

Data are obtained by using a cabled SeaBird SBE37SM CTD probe for real-time data monitoring. The probe drift is regularly verified and calibrated by conducting vertical profiles using a SeaBird SBE19plus calibrated probe.

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Bordone Andrea, Ciuffardi Tiziana, Delbono Ivana, Pannacciulli Federica, Raiteri Giancarlo, Locritani Marina, Muccini Filippo, Cocchi Luca, Demarte Maurizio, Ivaldi Roberta, Berta Maristella, Borghini Mireno, Vetrano Anna, Caprino Giovanni, Marini Davide, Schierano Erika (2022). LabMare Coastal station : A shallow water cabled observatory in the Eastern Ligurian Sea. SEANOE.