How to manage different versions of the same dataset with DOIs ?

There are no strong rules on the management of versions of a dataset. The management may be balanced for large volume data sets by the cost of storage versus the interest to access a series of previous versions of these datasets.

If different versions of a dataset should continue to be accessible independently and specifically cited (e.g. with a list of different authors), a specific DOI should be assigned for each version.

It is also possible to provide access to different versions of a distinct dataset in the LandingPage of a DOI. Seanoe provides in this case two choices:
  • All versions of the data set are directly available
  • Access to old versions is restricted: previous versions are accessible via a request to a service desk. It is then possible to ensure the reproducibility of an experiment based on an obsolete version, but access to an obsolete version of the data set is intentional and not accidental. (Example :
Please note that it is also possible to set a key/fragment to each versions managed in a single DOI and then cite a specific version with the DOI associated to the key/fragment (see Argo example).