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Kosobokova Ksenia

Zooplankton was collected at 34 stations in the Chaun Bay, an enclosed bay of the East Siberian Sea (Arctic Ocean), during the 60th cruise of the RV "Akademik Oparin". Sampling was conducted between 9 and 21 October 2020 by Daria A. Yurikova, Glafira Kolbasova, and Vitaly L. Syomin (IORAS). Up to two depth layers were sampled vertically at each station using a Juday net with a mesh size of 180 microns and a mouth opening of 0.1 square meters. One [...]

Syomin Vitaly, Kolbasova Glafira, Kobyakov Kirill, Zimina Olga, Gerasimova Alexandra

The dataset represents data primary processing of zoobenthos samples taken in the Chaun Bay of the East Siberian Sea in October 2020 during an expedition onboard R/V "Akademik Oparin"

Mousseau Laure, Larvor Carla, Domeau Aurélien, Durozier Maïa, Passafiume Ornellaexpand

The bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer (French Riviera) is a medium-sized bay (2 miles long by 0.8 wide) characterized by great depth (> 300 m at its mouth) and the absence of a continental shelf. It is sheltered from the prevailing east and west winds This oligotrophic to mesotrophic site is located in a highly urbanized area, subjected to seasonal anthropogenic influences: cruise ships, intense yachts traffic, increases of population. The Roya (26 km [...]

"55 drifters were deployed along two zonal transects centered at 47 and 47.25ºS on September 8, 2021(Fig. 1). Spacing between the initial deployment positions of the drifters varied between 14 km and 18 km in the continental shelf providing the position every 30 minutes and between 3 km and 6 km over the continental slope with temporal resolution of 10 minutes. The shortest distances between deployment positions correspond to drifters deployed cl [...]

IBTS surveys (International Bottom Trawl Survey) are carried out within an international framework. Main countries bordering the North Sea participate to it according to the European Community regulations (EC N°1543/2000 and N° 1639/2001) which specify that countries from E.U. have to carry out surveys at sea in order to evaluate abundance and stocks distribution, independently of commercial fisheries data. The first target of the IBTS survey is [...]

Cannat Mathilde, Gayet Nicolas, Demont Antoine, Fontaine Fabrice, Matabos Marjolaineexpand

This dataset contains current data acquired between june 2022 and July 2023 using 5 TCM-3 Ocean Bottom Tilt Current Meters installed next to the Tour Eiffel, hydrothermal vent site and near the SeaMon west station. The TCM-3 Ocean Bottom Tilt Current Meter from Lowell Instruments LLC (North Falmouth, MA, USA) measures current using the drag-tilt principle. The logger is buoyant and is anchored to the bottom via a short flexible tether. Drag from [...]

Grossteffan Emilie, Delebecq Gaspard, Rimmelin-Maury Peggy, Amice Erwan, Bihannic Isabelleexpand

The SOMLIT-Like -Lanvéoc time series data characterize the hydrology of the Bay of Brest, at 48°17'39"N - 04°27'09"W location. The Bay of Brest is a semi-enclosed, macro-tidal, marine ecosystem of 180 km2, connected to the Iroise Sea by a narrow and deep strait of 2 km width, and 40 m depth max. It is under the influence of the Aulne river, representing 70% of the total river discharge. Fortnightly measurements have been undertaken since January [...]

Sparnocchia Stefania, Borghini Mireno

This data set contains the CTD data collected by the Stazione Oceanografica of CNR (Italy) from RV URANIA during eight oceanographic campaigns (Table 1). These cruises were part of an intensive field program in the Sicily Channel and in the southern Tyrrhenian basin conducted within the MATER project, funded under FP4-MAS3 (Grant agreement ID: MAS3960051). Data have been used in several studies (see Related documents). Table1 Cruise name        [...]

SWINGS (https://swings.geotraces.org/en/homepage-english/) is a multidisciplinary 4-year project fully dedicated to elucidate trace element sources, transformations and sinks along a section crossing key areas of the Southern Ocean (SO). SWINGS aims at 1) establishing the relative importance of sedimentary, atmospheric and hydrothermal sources of trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) in the Indian sector of the SO, 2) investigating the drivers of th [...]

This dataset includes 3D sagittal left otolith meshes obtained from 339 individual red mullet (Mullus barbatus) specimens. These samples were collected from 17 distinct geographical locations spanning the whole Mediterranean Sea. Recorded biological parameters include fish total length (TL, ranging from 125 to 238 mm), total weight (W, ranging from 14.9 to 168.0 g), sex, and sexual maturity staging. The 3D otolith dataset consists of high-resolut [...]