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This dataset is a supplement to the study "Estimating the Oceanic Kinetic Energy Cascade from Along-Track Altimetry" by René Schubert, Oscar Vergara, and Jonathan Gula, which is currently under review at Nature Communications Earth and Environment. It includes the code for the underlying analysis and visualization in the jupyter notebook 'code_schubert_etal_2023_ncommsenv.ipynb', the data to reproduce the figures, and the monthly climatologies of [...]

Cannat Mathilde, Fontaine Fabrice, Demont Antoine, Sarradin Pierre-Marie, Matabos Marjolaine

This dataset contains temperature data acquired between june 2022 and july 2023 with an array of 33 autonomous temperature probes installed in smoker orifices, cracks or patches of diffuse hydrothermal venting. We used 7 types of probes (HTW, HTWN, HTNKE, LTNKE, LTW, LTI and LTGrad). Probes locations, acquisition parameters and clock drift values (UTC-timeprobe) are listed in the metadata file. Temperature data are provided for each deployed ins [...]

Phytoplankton cells can no longer be considered as passive particles and they can modulate impacts of selection factors (light, turbidity and mixing) through a wide range of adaptations . Cell shape and/or chain length modulation is one of these processes, but it still mainly studied as an adaptation or an acclimatation to a specific stress (light, nutrients, predation, etc.). This study showed that cell shape and size may have a greater role tha [...]

Quasi-seasonal and sub-inertial variations of near-bottom temperature were observed using Current and Pressure-recording Inverted Echo Sounders (CPIES) deployed on the slope between Canada basin and the Chukchi shelf from August 2018 to July 2020.Quasi-seasonal and sub-inertial variations of near-bottom temperature were observed using Current and Pressure-recording Inverted Echo Sounders (CPIES) deployed on the slope between Canada basin and the [...]

Ferreira Eva, Nmor Stanley, Viollier Eric, Lansard Bruno, Bombled Brunoexpand

At the land-sea interface, the benthic carbon cycle is strongly influenced by the export of terrigenous particulate material across the river-ocean continuum. Episodic flood events delivering massive sedimentary materials can occur, but their short-term impact on carbon cycling is poorly understood. In this paper, we use a coupled data-model approach to estimate the temporal variations of sediment-water fluxes, biogeochemical pathways and their r [...]

The CARBO-ACID research cruise (EUROFLEETS+ SEA02_10) was carried out on the RV Ramón Margalef between August 2nd and August 11st, with departing from Vigo – Spain and ending in Lisbon – Portugal. The main objective of this cruise was to collect data and samples to study the potential effects of ocean acidification on carbonate marine organisms (coccolithophores, pteropods, planktonic and benthic foraminifera, and corals) along the Iberian margin [...]

Serre Sandrine, Munaron Jean-Marie, Stephan Éric, Schaal Gauthier, Sardenne Fanyexpand

17 female porbeagle sharks (Lamna nasus) were sampled for blood and white muscle in the Western English Channel between 2019 and 2021. Bulk tissues were analysed on the with a continuous flow mass spectrometer coupled to an elemental analyser at the Pôle Spectrométrie Océan (Plouzané, France). This dataset contains results from the stable isotopes analysis.

Size structure of populations (shell length in mm) and oocyte size (in µm) distribution of three hydrothermal vent gastropod species (Lepetodrilus schrolli, L. fijiensis and Shinkailepas tollmanni) of the South West Pacific back-arc basins. Individuals were collected in Bathymodiolus spp. and Ifremeria nautilei habitats at several vent sites in the Manus, North Fiji, Futuna and Lau back-arc basins during the CHUBACARC cruise in 2019. These data w [...]

The Eiffel Tower hydrothermal edifice is a large structure of ~450 m2 located at a depth of 1700 m in the South-East of the Lucky Strike hydrothermal vent field. Since the deployment of the EMSO-Azores observatory in 2010, the edifice has been repeatedly surveyed with the remotely operated vehicle Victor6000 for inter-annual monitoring. Video transects were collected with a forward-looking camera in 2015, 2018 and 2020. Video sequences were used [...]

Abualnaja Yasser, Pavlidou Alexandra, Churchill James, Hatzianestis Ioannis, Velaoras Dimitriosexpand

Mean Integrated concentrations of oceanographic parameters in the water column and sediment data in the coastal zone of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf (Saudi Arabia)