SEANOE (SEA scieNtific Open data Edition) is an open scientific data repository in the marine sciences field. Currently operated by the SISMER marine data center within the ODATIS Ocean Cluster framework and funded by Ifremer.

Publication of datasets in SEANOE data is free of charge, with a limitation of 100GB of size per record.

Each dataset published on SEANOE will get a unique DOI which allow it to be published and cited in the most reliable and sustainable way.

Data published on SEANOE are freely available. They can be used in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons license selected by the data’s author. By contributing to the Open Access / Open Science movement, SEANOE offers a free access to all scientific data financed by public funds for the benefits of research.

It is possible to set a maximum of 2 years embargo on a dataset, the goal is for example to restrict access to a publication data under scientific review.

With a fast responding service, SEANOE will attribute a DOI within 24 hours to well described datasets.

Each dataset is checked before being published. SEANOE is entitled to refuse any publication that does not match its criteria quality or field (marine sciences).

EMODnet Ingestion network marine data centers will be informed of datasets published in SEANOE thanks to automatic duplication in the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal.Datasets of interest will then be submitted by EMODnet data center to their national data centers, and published in internationnal data portals such as SeaDataNet, EurOBIS, and EMODnet thematic portals.

Once published, SEANOE will survey the dataset citations in articles and will register them in the dataset record. Download statistics are reported to authors once a year.

Long-term preservation of data on SEANOE is ensured by Ifremer infrastructure.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at .