SEANOE (SEA scieNtific Open data Edition) is a publisher of scientific data in the field of marine sciences. It is operated by Sismer within the framework of the Odatis.

Data published by SEANOE are available free. They can be used in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons license selected by the author of data. Seance contributes to Open Access / Open Science movement for a free access for everyone to all scientific data financed by public funds for the benefit of research.

Total files size limit per record is 100GB (you can publish multiple datasets).

An embargo limited to 2 years on a set of data is possible; for example to restrict access to data of a publication under scientific review.

Each data set published by SEANOE has a DOI which enables it to be cited in a publication in a reliable and sustainable way.

SEANOE offers a fast responding service : if a dataset is well described, it should get a DOI within 24 hours.

The long-term preservation of data filed in SEANOE is ensured by Ifremer infrastructure.

Data published in SEANOE are also automatically duplicated to the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal so that marine data centers of the EMODnet Ingestion network will be informed about the existence and the availability of datasets published in SEANOE. Those data centers will then undertake activities for elaborating submitted datasets for uptake in their national databases and wider publishing in European data portals such as SeaDataNet, EurOBIS, and EMODnet thematic portals, if the datasets are of interest for their portfolio.