Publish your marine data with SEANOE

The publication of a dataset in SEANOE data is free of charge. You will need a MarineID to log in to the back-office.

For your data files, as far as possible, choose perennial and non-owner formats (eg CSV vs Excel). Please describe your dataset so it can be easily re-used by anyone. For example, if you publish your data in a CSV file, do not forget to add a header with intuitive parameters names and units, geographical location, date ...

Total files size limit per record is 100GB.

If your dataset is well described, it should get a DOI within 24 hours.

A data deposit is definitive. Data published in SEANOE cannot be deleted once published.

It is possible to update the metadata and the data files at any time even after the validation of the deposit.

Each dataset is checked before being published. SEANOE is entitled to refuse a publication if the deposit does not match with its quality criteria or its theme (marine sciences).

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information at .