POMME Kalman analysis of physical variables: datasets and gridded fields

The Programme Ocean Multidisciplinaire Meso Echelle (POMME) was designed to describe and quantify the role of mesoscale processes in the subduction of mode waters in the Northeast Atlantic. Intensive situ measurements were maintained during 1 year (September 2000 - October 2001), over a 8 degrees square area centered on 18 degrees W, 42 degrees N. In order to synthesized the in-situ physical observations, and merge them with satellite altimetry and surface fluxes datasets, a simplified Kalman filter has been designed. Daily fields of temperature, salinity, and stream function were produced on a regular grid over a full seasonal cycle. We propose here the gridded fields (KA_ files) and the in-situ datasets used by the analysis (Data_ files).


Physical oceanography


68.087354N, -0.887808S, 12.07465E, -41.237928W


4D fields : TEMP, PSAL, PSI, Mixed layer
2 GoNetCDF
Kalman state vector (Data, Innovation and residuals)
18 MoNetCDF
Plots and animations of temperature, salinity, mixed layer
73 MoAVI, GIF, ps
CTD profiles
61 MoNetCDF
Float data : Temperature and current
563 KoNetCDF
Mooring data : Temperature, Salinity, Current
562 KoNetCDF
Profiler data : Temperature, Salinity
1 MoNetCDF
VMADCP current data
1 MoNetCDF
In-situ data plots and lists
32 MoPS, XML
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Gaillard Fabienne, Mercier Herle, Kermabon Catherine (2015). POMME Kalman analysis of physical variables: datasets and gridded fields. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/39477

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