CAMBIOS, Station profiles: CTD and LADCP

The Cambios cruises aimed at studying the variability of the circulation in the Canary basin, specifically: the evolution of the Azores front and the detection of meddies. The dataset includes the vertical profiles collected with the CTD and LADCP equipment.


Physical oceanography


LADCP, CTD, North-East Atlantic, Azores front, Meddies


45N, 28S, -5E, -25W


CTD data from CAMBIOS 97 and 98, referenced in pressure and depth - L2B
74 MoNetCDFProcessed data
LADCP data from CAMBIOS 97 and 98, L2B
631 KoNetCDFProcessed data
LADCP: plots of station horizontal velocity profiles
2 MoPDFProcessed data
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Gaillard Fabienne, Lherminier Pascale, Lagadec Catherine, Branellec Pierre (2015). CAMBIOS, Station profiles: CTD and LADCP. SEANOE.

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