SAPERCHAIS-HF data and metadata

The SAPERCHAIS program (Suivi des Apports marins et terrigènes dans la mer des PERtuis CHarentAIS) was developed to monitor environmental fluctuations in the Pertuis Charentais Sea by an hydrological watchfulness. Seven stations, representatives of terrigenous or marine inputs, have been followed from 2011 to 2014. From north to south, the main four rivers of the Pertuis, Le Lay, La Sèvre, Charente and Seudre, and the three maritime inputs of each strait, Breton, Antioche and Maumusson. At each station, temperature and salinity were recorded in situ, just below the surface, with a high frequency resolution (10 minutes) . This work was supported by grants from Région Poitou-Charentes and European Regional Development Fund to the Ifremer "Developpement Durable de la Pêche et de la Conchyliculture" project.


Physical oceanography


Pertuis Charentais, Terrigenous and marine inputs, Estuary, Temperature, Salinity, High frequency


46.31N, 45.78S, -1.05E, -1.38W


Accuracy : temperature +- 0.2°c / salinity +- 0.5
52 MoCSVRaw data
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Guesdon Stephane, Bechemin Christian, Chabirand Jean-Michel, Verite Celine, Seugnet Jean-Luc, Grizon James (2015). SAPERCHAIS-HF data and metadata. SEANOE.

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