CAMBIOS Tomography data: classification of arrival sequences

Date 2016-02-09
Temporal extent 1997-07-10 -1998-03-31
Author(s) Gaillard FabienneORCID1, Terre Terrillon Thierry1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, France
DOI 10.17882/42344
Publisher SEANOE
Abstract This dataset is a product that results from the classification of arrival sequences of tomography data collected in the Canary basin. An ensemble of predictions of arrival sequences corresponding to different ocean states is generated and classes with similar characteristics are defined. The observed sequences are then related to a particular class using a simple Euclidian distance. Finally the time evolution of the vertical sound speed and salinity profiles averaged along the tomography pair is produced.
Licence CC-BY
File Size Format Processing Access
Classification of CAMBIOS tomography arrival sequences related to sound speed and salinity anomalies in the Canary basin 62 MB ASCII and .mat Produits Open access
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Gaillard Fabienne, Terre Terrillon Thierry (2016). CAMBIOS Tomography data: classification of arrival sequences. SEANOE.