CAMBIOS Tomography data: level 0

Date 2016-02-09
Temporal extent 1997-07-10 -1998-03-31
Author(s) Terre Terrillon Thierry, Gaillard FabienneORCID
Affiliation(s) Ifremer, France
DOI 10.17882/42366
Publisher SEANOE
Abstract CAMBIOS aimed at monitoring the Canay basin. A pair of acoustic tomography instrument (ERATO) was maintained during 9 month.
Level 0 data files contain the raw acoustic data as read from the instrument storage medium.
The file format is described in Terre Thierry (2001). A data format for tomography.
Licence CC-BY
User's manual

A data format for tomography

File Size Format Processing Access
Level 0 data 568 MB NC, NetCDF Raw data Open access
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