BACH1000_100lev-51 : a MARS3D model configuration for the Bay of Biscay

BACH1000_100lev-51 is the source code of a model configuration based on MARS3D model code (Duhaut et al.,2008 ; Lazure and Dumas, 2008). It can simulate the oceanic circulation in the Bay of Biscay.

Source codes are written in Fortran 90 language. This configuration has been compiled and run on the high performance computer "Occigen" at CINES.

A high-resolution (1 km, 100 vertical sigma layers) model experiment, based on BACH1000_100lev-51, including tidal dynamics has simulated a period of 10 year circulation (2001-2010). The computing grid is made of 185,616,900 points (1449x1281x100). The time step is 60 s, then the number of iterations is about 315,360,000. This simulation has produced 13 Teraoctet of output data.



Physical oceanography


Bay of Biscay, numerical ocean circulation model, coastal dynamics, Fortran90 code


52.5N, 41S, 4.5E, -14.3W


1 MoFortran 90 code
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Theetten Sebastien, Vandermeirsch Frederic, Charria Guillaume, ENIGME (2017). BACH1000_100lev-51 : a MARS3D model configuration for the Bay of Biscay. SEANOE.

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