Dyfamed observatory data

In the framework of the French MOOSE project (Mediterranean Ocean Observing System for the Environment), an eulerian time series so-called DYFAMED (Ligurian Sea) performs since 1991 a monthly multidisciplinary monitoring to observe: 1) the evolution of the water mass properties (LIW and WMDW), 2) the carbon export change and 3) the variability of the biological species relative to climate forcing (temperature, acidification).In addition to monthly CTD profiles, a standalone mooring is located in the DYFAMED site with CTD and currents sensors (since 2009) and two sediment traps (Technicap PPS5) for collecting large particles and zooplankton every 15 days (48 samples per year).

Physical oceanography

Ligurian Sea, marine biogeochemistry, sediment traps, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, carbon export

43.78N, 40.087S, 10.259E, 2.99W


Bottles sampling monthly ship 1994 2019 QC
136 KoMatlabQuality controlled data 89000
1988-2019 deployments
25 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data 70639
CTD profiles monthy ship 1994 2014 adjusted
4 MoMatlabProcessed data 58203
Coppola Laurent, Diamond Riquier Emilie, Carval Thierry (2021). Dyfamed observatory data. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/43749