EGO gliders data processing chain

The EGO data processing chain decodes, processes, formats and performs quality control on glider data and metadata. The decoder performs the following actions for a glider deployment:

  • Decode and format the glider deployment data and metadata into an EGO NetCDF time series file
  • Apply Real Time Quality Control (RTQC) tests on EGO NetCDF time series file,
  • For Slocum gliders, estimate subsurface currents and store them into the EGO file,
  • Generate NetCDF profile files from EGO file data and apply specific RTQC tests to them.

The decoder manages Slocum, SeaGlider and SeaExplorer gliders observations.

  • It is a Matlab code (see groom_gliders_coriolis_matlab_decoder_*.pdf in decGlider_doc\decoder_user_manual folder)
  • A compiled version is available that does not require Matlab licence (see readme.txt in decGlider_soft\soft_compiled folder)


Administration and dimensions


version 20231018_012e
8 Momatlab code 105463
version 20231010_012d
8 Momatlab code
version 20230706_012c
8 Momatlab code
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