BILLION observatory data

Long-term time series of temperature, current and particle flux in two submarine canyons at the eastern end (Planier Canyon) and southwestern end (Lacaze-Duthiers Canyon) of the Gulf of Lion (northwestern mediterranean).


Chemical oceanography


43.01519N, 43.01519S, 5.11825E, 5.11825W

42.2565N, 42.2565S, 3.32613E, 3.32613W

42N, 42S, 5E, 5W


Lacaze SedTraps data (2010-2019)
116 KoNetCDFQuality controlled data 110371
Planier SedTraps data (2010-2019)
106 KoNetCDFQuality controlled data 110372
Currents data (2016-2023)
5 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data 110370
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Durrieu de Madron Xavier, Heussner Serge, Delsaut Nicole, Kunesch Stéphane, Menniti Christophe (2024). BILLION observatory data. SEANOE.

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