WOCE SAMBA experiment float data

Date 2018-01
Temporal extent 1994 -2003
Author(s) Ollitrault Michel
DOI 10.17882/46185
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) WOCE, Acoustics, Floats, MARVOR, RAFOS, Currents, AAIW, Ocean

During the World Ocean circulation experiment, 100 MARVOR floats were launched  near 800 dbar mostly in the Brazil basin, within the framework of SAMBA (SubAntartic Motions in the Brazil bAsin).This experiment aimed at describing the absolute general circulation of the Antarctic Intermediate Water around 800 m depth in the South Atlantic. MARVOR floats cycled every 2 (or 3) months between their nominal depth and surface to transmit data via the ARGOS system and were programmed for 30 (or 20) cycles, i.e. a total life of 5 years.

Licence CC0
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The SAMBA experiment description

File Size Format Processing Access
WOCE SAMBA1 experiment float data 488 KB ASC Processed data Open access
WOCE SAMBA2 experiment float data 656 KB ASC Processed data Open access
WOCE SAMBA3 experiment float data 1 MB ASC Processed data Open access
Float positions during their surface drift 815 KB FLOATER Quality controlled data Open access
Float data README 3 KB TEXTE Open access
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