Diadromous species sampling in Adour river-France

Data were collected by the Laboratoire de Ressources Halieutiques d'Aquitaine (Ifremer). The observations were carried out between April 1992 and July 2006. Observations and measures were made on board commercial vessels, practicing on Adour River generally in springtime and in summer. Sampling of catches took place on the river between March and July; The researchers took scales, a blood sample, took measurements of length and weight on the fish caught by the fishermen during the observed fishing trips. Sampling was of sampling-by-opportunity type.

The driftnet is an emblematic and very old métier in this area, targeting different species as atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), sea trout (Salmo trutta), sea Lamprey (Pétromyzon marinus) and also allis shad (Alosa alosa). This activity is framed by particular regulation as quota of fishing days and licenses. Between 15 and 20 costal boats practice this métier during the year and the fleet characteristics are homogenous. The boats put the net in the water (around 100 m long) and let it drift with the surface current (downstream) while the tide is rising; the fish swimming upstream the river are then trapped in the water column. Different meshes can be used.


Biological oceanography


Sampling, Adour, Diadromous, Driftnet, Fishing, Boats


43.716904N, 43.457284S, -1.032011E, -1.581327W


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Morandeau Gilles, Caill-Milly Nathalie, Sanchez Florence, Lissardy Muriel, de Casamajor Marie-Noelle, Prouzet Patrick (2016). Diadromous species sampling in Adour river-France. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/46838

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