GOSUD -Global Ocean Surface Underway data

Date 2016-12
Temporal extent 1990
Author(s) Gosud
Contributor(s) Petit De La Villeon LoicORCID
DOI 10.17882/47403
Publisher SEANOE

GOSUD aims at assembling in-situ observations of the world ocean surface collected by a variety of ships and at distributing quality controlled datasets.  At present time the variables considered by GOSUD are temperature and salinity.

The GOSUD data are mostly collected using thermosalinographs (TSG) installed on research vessels, on commercial ships and in some cases on sailing exploration ships

GOSUD manages both near-real time data and delayed mode (reprocessed) data.

Licence CC-BY-NC
Utilisation A user of the GOSUD dataset is expected to read and understand any documentation available on the GOSUD web site. The format describes in details the "attributes" of the NetCDF data files and also contains essential information about data quality and accuracy. A user should acknowledge use of GOSUD data in all publications and products where such data are used, preferably with the DOI and following standard sentence:"These data were collected and made freely available by the IODE international GOSUD project and the national programs that contribute to it."
File Size Format Processing Access
Delayed mode 94 MB NC, NetCDF Quality controlled data Open access
Near Real Time 1 GB NC, NetCDF Quality controlled data Open access
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