SMOOVE, video data from EMSO-Azores observatory, 2013-2014

This dataset contains video data acquired with the camera SMOOVE installed on the TEMPO ecological module, deployed on the EMSO-Azores observatory from July 2012 to August 2013. Data consist in two minutes video sequences recorded every 6 hours. The instrument is connected to the Seamon East environmental monitoring node and films a mussel bed located at the base of the Tour Eiffel edifice at 1695m depth.


Mid-Atlantic Ridge, EMSO-Açores, Hydrothermal Vents, Lucky Strike, Marine imagery, TEMPO, Time-series, MoMAR, MoMARSAT2013, Bathymodiolus azoricus assemblage, Tour Eiffel


37.30134N, 37.2888S, -32.275618E, -32.27982W


20 GoVIDEORaw data
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Sarrazin Jozee, Sarradin Pierre-Marie, Legrand Julien, Cannat Mathilde (2017). SMOOVE, video data from EMSO-Azores observatory, 2013-2014. SEANOE.

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