Collocations of surface drifter and GlobCurrent (centered five-day) 15-m zonal and meridional velocity estimates

GlobCurrent is an analysis that linearly combines the geostrophic and Ekman components. Drifters respond locally to a combination of geostrophic, Ekman, tidal, inertial, Stokes, and wind drift processes, including processes on scales smaller and faster than the GlobCurrent grid can resolve. Collocations of drifters (whose drogues move roughly with the 15-m current) and GlobCurrent (also at 15 m, with additional samples at daily intervals from two days before to two days after collocation) are included in this dataset.  Six-hourly drifter velocity has been estimated following Hansen and Poulain (1996). We restrict attention to drifters whose continuous drogue presence was confirmed by objective or subjective means (Rio et al. 2012, Lumpkin et al. 2013). The resulting geographic distribution for 1993-2015 (Fig. 1) yields more than eleven million drifter and GlobCurrent zonal and meridional velocity estimates. (A comparable number of drifters lost their drogues and, being more responsive to surface wind forcing, are omitted.)


Physical oceanography


collocation, ocean current, drifter, GlobCurrent


80N, -70S, 180E, -180W


Collocations are of drifters and GlobCurrent zonal and meridional 15-m current components.  Data are 11519358 collocations between 1993 and 2015.  Data are written in the gzipped file as one collocation per line using the format statement "%10d %7.3f %8.3f %9.4f %9.4f %4d %4d %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f".  The entries are, respectively,

date (yyyymmddhh)
T0      drifter     zonal      current (m/s)
T0      drifter     meridional current (m/s)
lat index on GlobCurrent grid  (-89.875:0.25:89.875)
lon index on GlobCurrent grid (-179.875:0.25:179.875)
T0-2day GlobCurrent zonal      current (m/s)
T0-2day GlobCurrent meridional current (m/s)
T0-1day GlobCurrent zonal      current (m/s)
T0-1day GlobCurrent meridional current (m/s)
T0      GlobCurrent zonal      current (m/s)
T0      GlobCurrent meridional current (m/s)
T0+1day GlobCurrent zonal      current (m/s)
T0+1day GlobCurrent meridional current (m/s)
T0+2day GlobCurrent zonal      current (m/s)
T0+2day GlobCurrent meridional current (m/s)


Collocations of drifter and GlobCurrent (five-day centered) 15-m ocean current velocity components (1993-2015)
387 MoTEXTProcessed data
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