comsom deployment (EGO glider : milou) (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin)

The observations of milou glider on comsom deployment (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin) are distributed in 4 files:

  • EGO NetCDF time-series (data, metadata, derived sea water current)
  • NetCDF profiles extracted from the above time-series
  • Raw data
  • JSON metadata used by the decoder

The following parameters are provided : 

  • sea water pressure
  • Quality flag
  • Sea water temperature
  • Sea water conductivity
  • Sea water salinity


Physical oceanography


phase shift reported by oxygen sensor, chlorophyll a signal from fluorescence sensor in sea water, sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure


43.017883N, 43.017883S, 5.762533E, 5.762533W


User's manual

31 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
How to cite
Sekma Hela, Morrow Rosemary, Carret Alice (2017). comsom deployment (EGO glider : milou) (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin). SEANOE.

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