saral_altika deployment (EGO glider : tenuse) (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin)

The observations of tenuse glider on saral_altika (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin) :

  • EGO NetCDF time-series (data, metadata, derived sea water current)
  • NetCDF profiles extracted from the above time-series
  • Raw data
  • JSON metadata used by the decoder

The following parameters are provided : 

  • sea water pressure
  • Sea water temperature
  • Sea water conductivity
  • Sea water salinity


Physical oceanography


volume absorption coefficient of radiative flux in sea water due to dissolved organic matter, sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure, chlorophyll a signal from fluorescence sensor in sea water, sea water turbidity, phase shift reported by oxygen sensor


43.0221N, 43.0221S, 6.0055E, 6.0055W


User's manual

6 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
How to cite
Durand Fabien, Testor Pierre, Mortier Laurent (2017). saral_altika deployment (EGO glider : tenuse) (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin). SEANOE.

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