Glider MOOSE sections

The glider operations in the MOOSE network started to be deployed regularly in 2010 in the North Western Mediterranean Sea, thanks to the setup of national glider facilities at DT-INSU/Ifremer ( and with the support of the European project FP7-PERSEUS. Two endurance lines are operated: MooseT00 (Nice-Calvi; Ligurian Sea) and MooseT02 (Marseille-Menorca; Gulf of Lion). The all dataset here corresponds to raw data in the EGO format.


Physical oceanography


sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure, mole concentration of dissolved molecular oxygen in sea water, temperature of sensor for oxygen in sea water, uncalibrated phase shift reported by oxygen sensor, mass concentration of chlorophyll a in sea water, volume absorption coefficient of radiative flux in sea water due to dissolved organic matter, volume scattering function of radiative flux in sea water 700


44N, 40S, 10E, 2W


2 GoNetCDFQuality controlled data
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