Temperature (°C) and dissolved oxygen concentrations (µmol/l) data from the EMSO-Azores observatory, 2016-2017 (Tempo)

This dataset contains temperature (°C) and dissolved oxygen concentrations (µmol/l) (and the associated sensor raw data) acquired between September 2016 and February 2017 using an Aanderaa optode (model 4330, sensor head #2133, salinity setting 3.5%, uncorrected for pressure) The sensor. The sensor was positioned on a mussel bed at the base of the Tour Eiffel edifice (1695m depth). Data was acquired every 15 minutes. A two-point calibration at 0% and 100% saturation levels is performed at each maintenance cruise. The optode connected to the TEMPO ecological module is part of the SeaMoN East monitoring node.


Physical oceanography


Mid-Atlantic Ridge, EMSO-Açores, Hydrothermal Vents, Lucky Strike, Eiffel Tower, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature, TEMPO, Time-series, MoMAR, MoMARSAT2016, Bathymodiolus azoricus assemblage


37.30134N, 37.2888S, -32.275618E, -32.27982W



  • Oxygen saturation (%)
  • Oxygen concentration (μmol/l)
  • Temperature (°C)


  • Regional node : Emso-Azores
  • Site : Lucky Strike, Tour Eiffel
  • Node : SeaMoN East
  • Coordinates : 37.289 °N   32.275 °W
  • Depth : 1695 m



Operating parameters

  • Calibration : 2017-01-24
  • Salinity setting : 3.5%
  • Pressure correction : no
  • Sample rate : 15 minutes
  • Anti-fouling device : Micro chlorination

Sensor metadata

  • Type : Oxygen Optode
  • Model : 4330
  • Provider : Aanderaa Data Instruments Inc.
  • Serial number : 2184

Sensor configuration

  • Salinity setting: 0%
  • Pressure correction: no
  • Salinity compensation: no

Test and calibration

  • AANDERAA, test and specifications (March 2016)
  • Ifremer, Pressure qualification (Oct. 2016)
  • Ifremer, Calibration (May 2017)

Data management

  • Real time data transmission: No
  • Data storage in the Communication and storage unit (COSTOF2): Full
  • Data storage in the instrument: No



Data (CSV format)
1 MoCSVRaw data
Data (NetCDF format)
202 KoNetCDFRaw data
How to cite
Sarradin Pierre-Marie, Legrand Julien, Cannat Mathilde (2017). Temperature (°C) and dissolved oxygen concentrations (µmol/l) data from the EMSO-Azores observatory, 2016-2017 (Tempo). SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/52131

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