MOOSE PERSEUS T02_09 (EGO nearchos glider) deployment (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin)

The proposed research is based on the monitoring of the long term evolution of the North Western Mediterranean Sea with glider repeat-sections carried out in the framework of the ALLENVI/INSU/ SOERE MOOSE (, INSU/MISTRALS (, and EU FP7 PERSEUS (  The objective is to monitor the oceanographic variability (physical and biogeochemical) of the north western Mediterranean Sea, over a continuum of spatial and temporal scales. Two cross-basin repeat-sections with a repeat rate of about 10-20 days allow to monitor the main circulation features (Northern Current, North Balearic Front, Western Corsica Current) on a regular basis, as well as major processes such as winter intermediate and deep water formations and vernal blooms. The gliders regularly visit MOOSE moorings for cross-calibration purposes and to explore the variability around these moorings.
i) T00 is a repeat-section between Nice and Calvi passing by the MOOSE mooring DYFAMED located in the central Ligurian Sea
ii) T02 is a repeat-section between Marseille and Menorca passing by the MOOSE mooring LION located in the center of the deep convection area",

The observations of baker glider on perseust02_09 deployment are distributed in 4 files:

  • EGO NetCDF time-series (data, metadata, derived sea water current)
  • NetCDF profiles extracted from the above time-series
  • Raw data
  • JSON metadata used by the decoder

The following parameters are provided : 

  • sea water temperature
  • sea water conductivity
  • sea water pressure
  • sea water salinity


Physical oceanography


chlorophyll a signal from fluorescence sensor in sea water, sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure, phase shift reported by oxygen sensor


43.0185N, 43.0185S, 5.7565E, 5.7565W


78 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
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Testor Pierre, Mortier Laurent, Coppola Laurent, Claustre Hervé, D'Ortenzio Fabrizio, Bourrin François, Durrieu de Madron Xavier, Raimbault Patrick (2017). MOOSE PERSEUS T02_09 (EGO nearchos glider) deployment (Mediterranean Sea - Western basin). SEANOE.

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