Marine environmental station database of Thau lagoon

Date 2020-01
Temporal extent 2011 -2018
Author(s) Messiaen Gregory1, Mortreux SergeORCID1, Le Gall Patrik1, Crottier Anais1, Lagarde FranckORCID1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, France
DOI 10.17882/52404
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) high-frequency, temperature, salinity, thau lagoon

On oyster table in the Thau lagoon (WGS84 Lat. 43.379°N Long. 3.5715°E), Ifremer measures hydrological parameters (temperature, salinity) at high-frequency (depth 1 to 2m). Data loggers (NKE: SMATCH and STPS) measure every 15 minutes. To limit biofouling, there is a localized chlorination at the sensor (SMATCH) and a regular rotation of data loggers (STPS). The brand of sensors is WTW. These devices are calibrated regularly with a connection to ITS90 for temperature and IAPSO standards for salinity. The data are qualified by calibrations in the laboratory. For salinity: calibrations in-situ (since 2015), comparisons between sensors and post treatment correction (since 2019) are also conducted. A maximum permissible error (MPE) is calculated with the data, taking into account the measurement bias and the measurement uncertainty (k=2).

Licence CC-BY
Sensor metadata

NKE Data logger

sensor WTW tetracond 325 with NTC 30 Ohms for temperature and four electrode for salinity

SMATCH with localized chlorination, frequency rotation = 4 months

STPS with frequency rotation = 1 month (october to mars) and 15 days (avril to september)

File Size Format Processing Access Key
1 MB TEXTE Quality controlled data Access on demand 61905
1 MB TEXTE Quality controlled data Access on demand 61906
2011-2019 data 2 MB TEXTE Quality controlled data Open access 69549
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Messiaen Gregory, Mortreux Serge, Le Gall Patrik, Crottier Anais, Lagarde Franck (2020). Marine environmental station database of Thau lagoon. SEANOE.