SURATLANT: a surface dataset in the central part of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre

The SURATLANT dataset (SURveillance ATLANTique) consists of individual data of temperature, salinity, dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and its isotopic composition d13CDIC, total alkalinity (At), inorganic nutrients and water stable isotopes (δ18O and δD) collected mostly from ships of opportunity since 1993 along transects between Iceland and Newfoundland (shipping company EIMSKIP), as well as, since 2014, between west Greenland and Danemark (shipping company RAL). The data have been validated, qualified, and their accuracy and the overall characteristics of the data set are presented in a paper (Reverdin et al., 2018).

The csv file provides a listing of the data with one line for each collection date. This includes collection date, position, temperature, salinity, and the measured, validated and in some cases adjusted variables, as well as a quality code following WOCE/GLODAP format. For water isotopes and isotopic composition of inroganic carbon, a code is also provided indicating the method of measurement used.

An additional text-file provides a normalized average seasonal cycle of the 10 variables measured in 5 boxes between the vicinity of Newfoundland to the south-west of Iceland (corresponding to the figure 3 of the paper Reverdin et al in the References). Format and information is provided in the top 25 lines and the gridded seasonal cyle data start at line 26. 


Physical oceanography


68N, 43S, 20E, -65W


Alternative access to data

Average gridded seasonal cycle
11 KoTEXTQuality controlled data 58131
Version 3 (AX2 surfacedata 1993-2023)
333 KoCSVQuality controlled data 107168
Version 3 (AX1 surfacedata 2014-2023)
34 KoCSVQuality controlled data 107167
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Reverdin Gilles, Metzl Nicolas, Olafsdottir Solveig, Racapé Virginie, Takahashi Taro, Benetti Marion, Valdimarsson Hedinn, Quay Paul D., Benoit-Cattin Alice, Danielsen Magnus, Fin Jonathan, Naamar Aïcha, Pierrot Denis, Sullivan Kevin, Bringas Francis, Goni Gustavo, Becker Meike, Leseurre Coraline, Olsen Are (2023). SURATLANT: a surface dataset in the central part of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre. SEANOE.

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