strasse deployment (EGO glider : tenuse) (Atlantic)

The observations of tenuse glider on strasse deployment (Atlantic Ocean) are distributed in 4 files:

  • EGO NetCDF time-series (data, metadata, derived sea water current)
  • NetCDF profiles extracted from the above time-series
  • Raw data
  • JSON metadata used by the decoder

The following parameters are provided :

  • Particle backscattering at 532 nanometers
  • Concentration of coloured dissolved organic matter in sea water
  • Particle backscattering at 880 nanometers


Chemical oceanography, Physical oceanography


volume scattering function of radiative flux in sea water 532, volume absorption coefficient of radiative flux in sea water due to dissolved organic matter, volume scattering function of radiative flux in sea water 880, sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure, mass concentration of chlorophyll a in sea water, sea water turbidity, mole concentration of dissolved molecular oxygen in sea water, temperature of sensor for oxygen in sea water, uncalibrated phase shift reported by oxygen sensor, calibrated phase shift reported by oxygen sensor


26.3338N, 24.5883S, -35.1183E, -37.9956W


User's manual

122 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
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Testor Pierre, Reverdin Gilles, Lourenço Antonio (2018). strasse deployment (EGO glider : tenuse) (Atlantic). SEANOE.

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