ISAS-SSS: In situ Sea Surface Salinity gridded fields

Date 2018-06
Temporal extent 2002 -2015
Author(s) Kolodziejczyk NicolasORCID1, Prigent-Mazella Annaig1, Gaillard FabienneORCID1
Affiliation(s) 1 : LOPS, CNRS/UBO/Ifremer/IRD, France
DOI 10.17882/55600
Publisher SEANOE

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The In Situ Analysis System (ISAS) was developed to produce gridded fields of temperature and salinity that preserve as much as possible the time and space sampling capabilities of the Argo network of profiling floats. The ISAS-SSS configuration provide Sea Surface Salinity gridded fields from in-situ measurements including Argo, Moorings, Marine Mammals, GOSUD Thermosalinometer SSS measurements from delayed mode SNO-SSS merchant ships (, French research vessels ( and sails ( A careful delayed mode processing of the 2002-2015 dataset has been carried out using version 7 of ISAS and updating the statistics to produce the ISAS-15 analysis. The  ISAS-SSS fields appears as highly valuable for the "calibration and validation" of the new satellite observations delivered by SMOS, Aquarius and SMAP.

Licence CC-BY
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469 MB NC, NetCDF Processed data Access on demand
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Kolodziejczyk Nicolas, Prigent-Mazella Annaig, Gaillard Fabienne (2018). ISAS-SSS: In situ Sea Surface Salinity gridded fields. SEANOE.

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Gaillard Fabienne, Reynaud Thierry, Thierry Virginie, Kolodziejczyk Nicolas, von Schuckmann Karina (2016). In-situ based reanalysis of the global ocean temperature and salinity with ISAS: variability of the heat content and steric height. Journal Of Climate, 29(4), 1305-1323. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :