pirata deployment (EGO glider : bonpland) (Atlantic Ocean - Gulf of Guinea)

The observations of bonpland glider on pirata deployment (Atlantic Ocean - Gulf of Guinea) are distributed in 4 files:

  • EGO NetCDF time-series (data, metadata, derived sea water current)
  • NetCDF profiles extracted from the above time-series
  • Raw data
  • JSON metadata used by the decoder

The following parameters are provided :

  • Practical salinity
  • Sea temperature in-situ ITS-90 scale
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Sea water pressure, equals 0 at sea-level


Physical oceanography


sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure, in sea water, mole concentration of dissolved molecular oxygen in sea water


0.02N, -0.38S, -0.07E, -0.11W


User's manual

65 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
How to cite
Testor Pierre (2018). pirata deployment (EGO glider : bonpland) (Atlantic Ocean - Gulf of Guinea). SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/56456

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