Technical parameters, data from the COSTOF2 of the EGIM, EMSO-Azores observatory, 2017-2018

This dataset contains the technical parameters acquired between July 2017 and August 2018 on EMSO-Azores observatory with the COSTOF2 (COmmunication and STOrage Front-end 2nd generation) of the EGIM.

The EGIM prototype was deployed at Lucky Strike hydrothermal vent site, 25 m south west of the active edifice Tour Eiffel, to monitor local hydrodynamic variability and complement the data obtained by the numerous sensors set on this site: oceanographic mooring deployed south of the vent field, the multidisciplinary Seamon East node, autonomous current meters, array of temperature probes…


Physical oceanography


Mid-Atlantic Ridge, EMSO-Azores, Lucky Strike, COSTOF2, EGIM, Time-series, MoMAR, MoMARSAT2018, EMSOdev, EMSO


37.30134N, 37.2888S, -32.275618E, -32.27982W



  • Voltage (mV)
  • Consumed energy (mAh)
  • Leak detection
  • Status register
  • Internal pressure (mbar)
  • Internal temperature (°C)
  • Slot 8 Current (mA)
  • Slot 9 Current (mA)
  • Slot 9 SD remaining capacity (kbytes)
  • Slot 10 Current (mA)
  • Slot 10 SD remaining capacity (kbytes)
  • Slot 11 Current (mA)
  • Slot 11 SD remaining capacity (kbytes)
  • Slot 15 Current (mA)
  • Slot 15 SD remaining capacity (kbytes)


  • Regional node: Emso-Azores
  • Site: Lucky Strike
  • Node: EGIM
  • Coordinates: N37° 17' 19.61'' and W32° 16' 33.06''
  • Depth: 1700 m



Operating parameters

  • Measurement duration: 10 sec
  • Sampling period: 60 minutes

Sensor metadata

  • Type: Communication and Storage Front-end
  • Provider: IFREMER
  • Model: COSTOF2, Deep sea
  • Serial number: G3904 sn 001

Data management

  • Real time data transmission: No
  • Data storage in the Communication and storage unit (COSTOF2): Full


Raw data
1 MoCSVRaw data
Pressure qualification test
617 KoPDF
Pressure qualification test
697 KoPDF
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Sarradin Pierre-Marie, Legrand Julien, Moreau Bertrand, Lanteri Nadine, Cannat Mathilde (2018). Technical parameters, data from the COSTOF2 of the EGIM, EMSO-Azores observatory, 2017-2018. SEANOE.

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