Upper ocean profiles of temperature, salinity and turbulent dissipation rate

This dataset contains 58 profiles of temperature, conductivity, salinity and turbulent dissipation in the upper ocean (0 - 50m) of a location in the open North Atlantic, off the North American coastal shelf (approximate location 40.27N, 58.9W). The profiles are obtained with the autonomous Air Sea Interaction Profiler (ASIP), which was deployed during a research cruise aboard the RV Knorr (USA) in June 2011. The dataset further contains meteorological observations made from the research vessel during this period. The outcome of the prognostic model by Bellenger et al. 2017, given an input of the combined oceanographic and meteorological observations to simulate seawater temperature and salinity at two depths near the surface, is also included. This dataset forms the basis of the JGR Oceans submission by ten Doeschate et al. 2019 "Upper Ocean Response to Rain Observed from a Vertical Profiler".


Physical oceanography


North Atlantic, Salinity, Upper Ocean, Temperature, Dissipation, Rain


50N, 40S, -50E, -65W


Air Sea Interaction Profiler. See Ward et al. 2014: The Air-Sea Interaction Profiler (ASIP): An Autonomous Upwardly-Rising Profiler for Microstructure Measurements in the Upper Ocean.  doi: 10.1175/JTECH-D-14-00010.1

 Vaisala WXT520 weather system on research vessel RV Knorr (USA).  


Meteorological data from RV Knorr 26/6/2011-27/6/2011 at 3min time resolution
40 KoTEXTProcessed data
58 Profiles of temperature, conductivity, salinity from 0 - 60m depth, recorded by the ASIP and averaged on a 10 cm depth grid.
1 MoNetCDFProcessed data
58 profiles of turbulent dissipation rates from two shear probes on the ASIP.
168 KoNetCDFProcessed data
SST and SSS output of Surstrat model, at 3min time resolution. Produced by Dr. H. Bellenger
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Ward Brian, Ten Doeschate Anneke, Bellenger Hugo (2011). Upper ocean profiles of temperature, salinity and turbulent dissipation rate. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/59035

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