Matlab Toolbox for Time Series Exploration and Analysis

TOOTSEA (Toolbox for Time Series Exploration and Analysis) is a Matlab solftware, developped at LOPS (Laboratoire d'Océanographie Physique et Spatiale), IFREMER. This tool is dedicated to analysing datasets from moored oceanographic instruments (Currentmeter, CTD, Thermistance, ...). TOOTSEA allows the user to explore the data and metadata from various instruments file, to analyse them with multiple plots and stats available, to do some processing/corrections and qualify (automatically and manually) the data, and finally to export the work in a netcdf file.


Physical oceanography


software, matlab, timeserie, oceanography, mooring, processing


Version 1.1
22 MoMatlab 73104
Version 1.0
28 MoMatlab
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Balem Kevin (2020). Matlab Toolbox for Time Series Exploration and Analysis. SEANOE.

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