XCTD data east of Kerguelen from the 2014 MYCTO Cruise

MAKER (PI: Y.-H. Park) is a multiannual project of hydrographic observations in the east of the Kerguelen Islands using XCTD casts. In 2014, the project was carried out on the RV Marion Dufresne during the MD 197 /MYCTO cruise in collaboration with the team from the MyctO-3D-MAP study (PI: Y.Cherel). The main objectives were to monitor the variability over time and space of the Polar Front's vertical structure and to estimate the vertical and horizontal diffusivities in the region. A total of 43 XCTD + 2 XBT profiles were obtained at 38 discreet stations, doubling 7 profiles. About 20 % profiles reached a maximum depth of 1850 m.


Physical oceanography


-47N, -52S, 68E, 78W


27 MoNetCDFRaw data
XBT Data
77 KoNetCDFRaw data
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Park Young-Hyang, Durand Isabelle (2019). XCTD data east of Kerguelen from the 2014 MYCTO Cruise. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/59879

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