Drake current-meter mooring velocity data (2006-2008)

Ten current meter moorings (M1 through M10) were deployed in the Drake Passage in January 2006 (DRAKE 2006, ANT-XIII/3) from RV Polarstern on her way south from Punta Arenas to Jubany station (King-George Island) and Bernardo O Higgins Station (Antarctic Peninsula). The moorings were placed along ground track #104 of Jason altimetry satellite. Recovery took place in April 2008 (Drake 2008, ANT-XXIV/3) from RV Polarstern on her way from Bellingshausen station (King George Island) to Punta Arenas. Moorings M2 and M8 could not be recovered (flotation issues). This data set is made of the velocity time series from 8 moorings.


Physical oceanography


Drake Passage, Current meter moorings, Antarctic Circumpolar Current


-54N, -62S, -72E, -48W


See publications: Ferrari et al., 2012 and Ferrari et al., 2013, Koenig et al., 2014


M1 2006-2008
46 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M3 2006-2008
47 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M4 2006-2008
47 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M5 2006-2008
47 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M6 2006-2008
47 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M7 2006-2008
47 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M9 2006-2008
33 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M10 2006-2008
45 KoNetCDFProcessed data
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