Drake current-meter mooring velocity data (2008-2009)

Five current meter moorings (M1 through M5) were deployed in the Norther Drake Passage in April 2008 (DRAKE 2008, ANT-XXIV/3) from RV Polarstern on her way from Bellingshausen station (King George Island) to Punta Arenas. The moorings were placed along ground track #104 of Jason altimetry satellite. They were retrieved in March-April 2009 from RV Polarstern (DRAKE 2009, ANT-XXV/4) on her way south from Punta Arenas to Jubany. The five moorings were successfully recovered. This data set is made of the velocity times series from the 5 moorings.


Physical oceanography


Drake Passage, Current meter moorings, Antarctic Circumpolar Current


-54N, -58S, -72E, -48W


See publications: Ferrari et al., 2012 and Ferrari et al., 2013, Koenig et al., 2014


M1 2008-2009
22 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M2 2008-2009
22 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M3 2008-2009
34 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M4 2008-2009
22 KoNetCDFProcessed data
M5 2008-2009
22 KoNetCDFProcessed data
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Provost Christine, Kartavtseff Annie, Lee Jae Hak, Sennéchael Nathalie, Lanoisellé Jacky, Ferrari Ramiro, Koenig Zoé, Artana Camila, Durand Isabelle (2019). Drake current-meter mooring velocity data (2008-2009). SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/61214

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