Glider data from VITALS 2016 deployment

Date 2019
Temporal extent 2016-09-03 -2013-12-31
Author(s) von Oppeln-Bronikowski NicolaiORCID1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
DOI 10.17882/62358
Publisher SEANOE

Glider deployment in the Labrador Sea

Licence CC-BY-SA
Utilisation Data are published without any warranty, express or implied. The user assumes all risk arising from his/her use of data. Data are intended to be research-quality and include estimates of data quality and accuracy, but it is possible that these estimates or the data themselves contain errors. It is the sole responsibility of the user to assess if the data are appropriate for his/her use, and to interpret the data, data quality, and data accuracy accordingly. Authors welcome users to ask questions and report problems.
Acknowledgements Funding for the VITALS program came from the National Science and Engineering Research Council Canada (NSERC) funded Climate Change and Atmospheric Research Network (CCAR). We thank Robin Matthews and Mark Downey for glider support and data collection.
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Sensor metadata

SBE_41cp_V2; SN :03109177 / AANDERA_OPTODE_4831 ; SN : 331 / Aanderaa_CO2_4797 ; SN : 47

File Size Format Processing Access 24 MB NC, NetCDF Quality controlled data Open access
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