JERICO-NEXT TNA: Easy Online MicroLFA FerryBox and nutrient dataset

Date 2019-01-31
Temporal extent 2019-01-31 -2019-04-10
Author(s) King Andrew1, Sanfilippo Luca2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Norwegian Institute for Water Research
2 : SYSTEA S.p.A.
DOI 10.17882/62416
Publisher SEANOE

As part of a Horizon 2020 JERICO-NEXT Transnational Acess project, sea surface variables (S, T, chl, O2) and macronutrient concentrations were measured by the M/S Color Fantasy FerryBox between Oslo (NO) and Kiel (DE) between January and April 2019.

Licence CC-BY-NC
Acknowledgements Thanks to Sabine Marty, Pierre Jaccard, Enrico Savino, Tomas Blakseth, Kai Sørensen. European Commission’s H2020 Framework Programme under JERICO-NEXT project, grant agreement No. 654410, Trans National Access activity.
Sensor metadata

FerryBox sensors and an automated microfluidic nutrient sensor (Systea S.p.A.) collected sea surface measurements. Data headers are: date (Matlab datenum), latitude, longitude, sea surface temperature (deg C), salinity, NH3 (ug/L), PO4 (ug/L; fluorescence technique), NO2 (ug/L), NO3 (ug/L), PO4 (ug/L; absorbance technique), SiO2 (ug/L), chl a fluorescence (uncorrected), and oxygen saturation (%). All data are raw and uncorrected.

File Size Format Processing Access
FerryBox data including macronutrient measurements 682 KB ASC Raw data Open access
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King Andrew, Sanfilippo Luca (2019). JERICO-NEXT TNA: Easy Online MicroLFA FerryBox and nutrient dataset. SEANOE.