JERICO-NEXT TNA: Easy Online MicroLFA FerryBox and nutrient dataset

As part of a Horizon 2020 JERICO-NEXT Transnational Acess project, sea surface variables (S, T, chl, O2) and macronutrient concentrations were measured by the M/S Color Fantasy FerryBox between Oslo (NO) and Kiel (DE) between January and April 2019.


Chemical oceanography, Biological oceanography


60.02964N, 53.940457S, 12.384982E, 10.121798W


FerryBox sensors and an automated microfluidic nutrient sensor (Systea S.p.A.) collected sea surface measurements. Data headers are: date (Matlab datenum), latitude, longitude, sea surface temperature (deg C), salinity, NH3 (ug/L), PO4 (ug/L; fluorescence technique), NO2 (ug/L), NO3 (ug/L), PO4 (ug/L; absorbance technique), SiO2 (ug/L), chl a fluorescence (uncorrected), and oxygen saturation (%). All data are raw and uncorrected.


FerryBox data including macronutrient measurements
682 KoASCRaw data
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King Andrew, Sanfilippo Luca (2019). JERICO-NEXT TNA: Easy Online MicroLFA FerryBox and nutrient dataset. SEANOE.

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