SAMBA East raw data sets

This data set was acquired during SAMBA East experiments which consists in a serie of deployments along 2 main lines :

  • the SAMBA line along 34° 30' S from 17° 30 ' E to 0° 0'.
  • the GOODHOPE line orientated NE-SW in a box limited by 35° 15' S, 42°42' S, 14° 05' E et 08° 44' E.

Deployments/recoveries were mainly done with SA Agulhas II research vessel (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017) but also RS Algoa (2013, 2019) and RV Polarstern (2018).

In addition to DEA/UCT CTD which acquired profiles at / between deployments points, 3 types of moored instruments have been deployed so far during the above mentioned cruises. C/PIES wich stand for Current / Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder are instruments developed and manufactured by University of Rhode Island, USA. PIES are deployed on the ocean floor and measure the vertical acoustic roundtrip travel time from sea bottom to sea surface together with pressure and temperature at the sea floor. CPIES are PIES equipped with an additional  currentmeter measuring ocean current 50 m above the PIES.

CIAM frames are developed by Laboratoire d'Océanographie Physique et Spatiale (LOPS) to deploy ADCP on the ocean bottom. They can also be equipped with SBE37 to measure PTS. Two of those equipments have been deployed between 2013 and 2017 at 2 different depths of  880 m and 1120 m. To afford measuring current profiles between sea floor and sea surface, different WorkHorse ADCP from Teledyne RDI were used characterised by their transmit frequency respectively of 150 kHz and 75 kHz.

The pressure, temperature and salinity measurments at the points of CIAM deployment were achieved with 2 SBE37.


Physical oceanography


-34N, -42.5S, 17.3E, 0W


The positions and deployment periods of the instruments are summarized in "Quickview on SAMOC East operations, T.Terre, 2019"

Data format are described in "IES data format" extracted from "Inverted Echo Sounder User's Manual IES Model 6.2C, University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography, 2013" and made available with courtesy of R.Watts URI/GSO

Both files are included in the data package.


2 GoTEXTRaw data
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