Globe (GLobal Oceanographic Bathymetry Explorer) Software

Date 2021-08-07
Author(s) Poncelet CyrilleORCID1, Billant Gael1, Corre Marie-Paule1
Contributor(s) Augustin Jean-Marie, Scalabrin CarlaORCID, Gaillot Arnaud, Pierre Delphine, Guerin Charline, Loubrieu Benoit, Dupre StephanieORCID, Aslanian DanielORCID, Moulin MarylineORCID, Pelleau Pascal
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, Navire et Systemes Embarqués, 29280 Plouzané, France
DOI 10.17882/70460
Publisher SEANOE
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Keyword(s) Bathymetry, acoustics, swath mapping, data processing, Digital Terrain Model, DTM, grid, EMODnet, seafloor, elevation, water column, placa, placa4D, seafloor depth, ocean depth

GLOBE (GLobal Oceanographic Bathymetry Explorer) is an innovative application for processing and displaying oceanographic data. GLOBE offers processing and display solutions of multi-sensor data within a single 3D environment represented as a globe.

Currently the software is mainly used for processing, analysing and displaying acoustic data, as well as moving tectonic plates.

Developed in Java, GLOBE is a multiplatform application (Windows, Linux, Mac for PLACA) whose architecture allows users to develop and add with ease new modules for processing and visualizing data.

More detailled description and installation procedure can be found on Ifremer's fleet site

Globe source code is available on Ifremer's gitlab repository

Licence LGPLv3

Source (Git)

File Size Format Processing Access Key
1 GB Executable Access on demand 69601
1 GB Executable Access on demand 74371
1 GB Executable Access on demand 78246
2 GB Executable Access on demand 78247
2 GB Executable Access on demand 78248
Globe Linux V1.16.15 2 GB Executable Open access 81558
2 GB Executable Access on demand 81559
1 GB Executable Access on demand 83421
1 GB Executable Access on demand 84273
1 GB Executable Access on demand 86064
Globe Windows V1.18.5 1 GB Executable Open access 88105
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