CTD data from FAROFA surveys, 2017-09-05 to 2019-04-22

This dataset contains hydrographical profiles achieved around Fernando de Noronha Archipelago off northeast Brazil within the framework of Fish around Fernando de Noronha FAROFA surveys performed in sept 2017 (9 profiles), April 2018 (17 profiles) and April 2019 (12 profiles). CTD profiles were achieved using a RBR Concerto logger measuring depth, temperature, salinity and fluorescence. Deployment were made using a fishing rod and 1 kg ballast installed under the logger.


Biological oceanography




-3.7N, -3.95S, -32.3E, -32.7W



Standard name Long name Units
PROFILE profiles list number Integer
LATITUDE latitude of each location degrees_north
LONGITUDE longitude of each location degrees_east
BATH bathymetric depth meters
PRES sea_water_pressure sea surface decibar=10000 pascals
ETDD ellapsed time decimal days
TEMP sea temperature Celsius degree
PSAL practical salinity scale 1978 P.S.S.78
DENS density (sigma-theta) Kg.m-³
SVEL sound velocity Meters per second
FLU2 fluorescence Milligram.m-3

Sensor metadata

  • data_type: OceanSITES profile data
  • cycle_mesure: FAROFA
  • plateforme_name: TUBARAO TIGRE
  • timezone: GMT
  • data_assembly_center: IRD
  • type_instrument: RBRConcerto
  • instrument_number: 66030
  • date_update: 2019-11-14T18:16:40Z
  • pi_name: Arnaud BERTRAND
  • processing_state: 1A
  • codification: OOPC
  • Conventions: CF1.4, OceanSITES 1.1
  • format_version: 1.2
  • Netcdf_version: 3.6

Operating parameters

Survey Acquisition rate (sec)
FAROFA 1                     11
FAROFA 2                     11
FAROFA 3                      1

Test and calibration

  • Neotek, Temperature, Conductivity, Pressure, Fluorometer calibration (March 2017)


Pressure calibration
421 KoPDFRaw data
Temperature calibration
412 KoPDFRaw data
Fluorometer calibration
41 KoPDFRaw data
Conductivity calibration
442 KoPDFRaw data
CTD profiles collected during FAROFA 1 survey
31 KoNetCDFRaw data
CTD profiles collected during FAROFA 2 survey
68 KoNetCDFRaw data
CTD profiles collected during FAROFA 3 survey
256 KoNetCDFRaw data
How to cite
Bertrand Arnaud, Habasque Jérémie, Salvetat Julie, Lebourges-Dhaussy Anne, Assuncão Ramilla, Queiroz Syumara, Grelet Jacques (2019). CTD data from FAROFA surveys, 2017-09-05 to 2019-04-22. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/70647

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