French PIRATA cruises: LADCP data (and processing protocol)

Date 2019
Temporal extent 2018 -2019
Author(s) Bourles BernardORCID1, Rousselot Pierre1, Grelet JacquesORCID1, Marin Frederic2, Roubaud Fabrice1, Bachelier Celine1, Gouriou Yves1
Affiliation(s) 1 : IMAGO
DOI 10.17882/71295
Publisher SEANOE

L-ADCP (Lowered-Acosutic Doppler Current Profiler) data were collected during CTD profiles with dual mounted L-ADCP in the Gulf of Guinea during cruises carried out from 2005 to 2019 in the framework of the programs «Prediction and Research morred Array in the Tropical Atlantic» (PIRATA ; Bourlès et al., 2008).

Licence CC-BY
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L-ADCP (Lowered-Acosutic Doppler Current Profiler) data were collected with two RDI Workhorse L-ADCP current meter (generally one RDI 300kHz and one RDI 150kHz, or two RDI 300kHz) mounted on the CTD frame, one looking up and one down. This particular setting-up maximizes the total range of velocity observations, reducing the overall error of the system and providing redundancy on measurements. The vertical profiling resolution is generally 8db. Data have been processed using the version 10.16 of the IFM-GEOMAR/LDEO software (Visbeck, 2001), developed by Martin Visbeck and maintained by Gerd Krahmann. External qualified data (CTD, SADCP, GPS) are used to processed LADCP data. For details on the data processing methodology, see reports. Absolute referencing was provided by Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation.

File Size Format Processing Access
LADCP .nc file + calibration report + processing protocol 34 MB NC, NetCDF Processed data Open access
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Bourles Bernard, Rousselot Pierre, Grelet Jacques, Marin Frederic, Roubaud Fabrice, Bachelier Celine, Gouriou Yves (2019). French PIRATA cruises: LADCP data (and processing protocol). SEANOE.