BIOGEOCHEMICAL dataset collected during the SOCLIM cruise

The biogeochemical dataset was acquired during the SOCLIM cruise to study :

  • The Air-Sea exchange by improving the quantification of important climate relevant parameters such as air-sea fluxes of heat, fresh-water and carbon.
  • The Carbon sequestration with describing and quantifying the physical and biogeochemical processes driving the sequestration of carbon in the Southern Ocean
  • The Bio-optical anomaly while exploring the bio-optical anomaly of Southern Ocean surface waters, which contain less chlorophyll a than their color is actually suggesting
  • The Role of Mesoscale by evaluating the role of mesoscale and submesoscale dynamics in driving physical, biogeochimical and biological processes


Biological oceanography, Physical oceanography, Chemical oceanography


-21.799087N, -54.482041S, 75.492825E, 49.4772W


Mooring data
1 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
3 KoCSVQuality controlled data
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Blain Stéphane, Boutin Jacqueline, Claustre Hervé, Crispi Olivier, Debeljak Pavla, de Saint léger Emmanuel, Dimier Céline, Drapeau Susan, Fin Jonathan, Gueneugues Audrey, Klein Vincent, Laxenaire Rémi, Leymarie Edouard, Lo Monaco Claire, Merlivat Liliane, Metzl Nicolas, Mignon Claude, Obernosterer Ingrid, Pellichero Violaine, Penkerc’h Christophe, Perault Fabien, Poteau Antoine, Ras Josephine, Rembauville Matthieu, Roesler Collin, Speich Sabrina, Uitz Julia (2022). BIOGEOCHEMICAL dataset collected during the SOCLIM cruise. SEANOE.

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