Oceanic carbonate chemistry measurements from discret samples collected at the SOLEMIO station (Bay of Marseille - North western Mediterannean Sea) between 2016 and 2019

Date 2020
Temporal extent 2016-06-06 -2019-06-26
Author(s) Wimart-Rousseau CathyORCID1, Wagener ThibautORCID1, Raimbault PatrickORCID1, Lagadec Véronique1, Lafont Michel1, Garcia Nicole1, Lefevre DominiqueORCID1
Contributor(s) Fin Jonathan, Metzl Nicolas
Affiliation(s) 1 : Aix Marseille Univ., Universite de Toulon, CNRS, IRD, MIO, UM 110, 13288, Marseille, France
DOI 10.17882/72356
Publisher SEANOE
Note Please note that ALKALI and TCARBN data have been corrected from the HgCl2 dilution. Please note that DOXY, NITRIT, NITRAT, PHPHAT and SILCAT values from SOMLIT have been converted to µmol.kg-1 unit
Keyword(s) marine chemistry, carbonate system, mediterannean, bay of marseille

This dataset  reports ocenanic CO2 parameters measured on discret samples collected at the SOLEMIO station (Bay of Marseille - North Western Mediterranean Sea - aprox. 65 m depth). The SOLEMIO station is part of the French national network of coastal observation SOMLIT (Service d’Observation en Milieu LITtoral – http://somlit.epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr/fr/). Measurements of carbonate chemistry parameters are not routinely measured within the framework of the SOMLIT network.

This datased reports fortnightly measurements collected during three years (between june 2016 and june 2018) at three different depth in the water column (Surface, intermediate and bottom). This dataset is constituted of measurements of total alkalinity, total inorganic carbon and pH (on the total scale). Dissolved oxygen concentrations, inorganic nutrients, temperature and salinity (SOMLIT core parameters) are also reported.

Licence CC-BY
Acknowledgements This dataset as been partialy supported by the AMC project (Aix-Marseille Carbon Pilot Study, 2016–2019) funded and performed in the framework of the Labex OT-MED (ANR-11-LABEX-0061, part of the “Investissement d’Avenir” program through the A*MIDEX project ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02), funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). This dataset as also been partialy supported by a specific grant from the MIO laboratory in the frame of the "pôle MIO-OBS". We thank the Service d’Observation en MILieu Littoral (SOMLIT) for its permission to use SOLEMIO data. We wish to thank the crewmembers of the R.V. ‘Antedon II’, operated by the DT-INSU, for making these samplings possible. We wish to acknowledge the team of the SAM platform (Service ATmosphere et ocean) for their helping in field work. For seawater sample analyses, we thank the SNAPO-CO2 at LOCEAN, Paris, and in particular Jonathan Fin and Nicolas Metzl. The SNAPO-CO 2 service at LOCEAN is supported by CNRS-INSU and OSU Ecce-Terra.
Sensor metadata

Samples for dissolved inorganic carbon (TCARBN) and total alkalinity (ALKALI) were collected into acid washed 500 cm 3 borosilicate glass bottles and poisoned with 200 mm 3 of a 36 g.m 3 HgCl 2 , as recommended by Dickson et al. (2007). Samples were stored in the dark at 4 °C for 1–6 months before analysis. Measurements of TCARBN and ALKALI were performed simultaneously by potentiometric acid titration using a closed cell following the methods described by Edmond (1970) and Dickson and Goyet. (1994). Analyses were performed at the National facility for analysis of carbonate system parameters (SNAPO-CO 2 , LOCEAN, Sor­bonne University – CNRS, France). Average accuracy of ALKALI and TCARBN analysis was 2.3 and 2.6 μmol.kg 1 , respectively, validated using Certified Reference Material (CRM) provided by A. Dickson’s laboratory (Scripps Institution of Oceanog­raphy, San Diego).
The pH was measured spectrophotometrically at the MIO (Mediter­ranean Institute of Oceanography, Marseille – France). Unpurified m-cresol purple (McP) dye (Sigma®) at standard temperature (25 ° C) was used and results are reported on the total hydrogen ion concentration scale. Measurements were performed following the protocol described by Clayton and Byrne (1993). The parameter PHT25 was calculated following Dickson et al. (2007). The reproducibility of the measurements based on replicates measurements was 0.001.
Unfiltered samples were collected for nutrient analysis in 60 cm3 polyethylene flasks and immediately frozen. Nutrient concentrations were obtained following the protocol of Aminot and Kerouel, 2007. Detection limits for nitrite NITRIT, NITRAT, and SILCAT were of 0.05 μmol.kg -1 and 0.003–0.006 μmol.kg -1 for PHPHAT.

Dissolved oxygen (DOXY) has been measured by winkler titration with potentiometric endpoint detection.


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Wimart-Rousseau Cathy, Wagener Thibaut, Raimbault Patrick, Lagadec Véronique, Lafont Michel, Garcia Nicole, Lefevre Dominique (2020). Oceanic carbonate chemistry measurements from discret samples collected at the SOLEMIO station (Bay of Marseille - North western Mediterannean Sea) between 2016 and 2019. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/72356