CTD Castaway shallow water cast Mexican North Caribbean/ CAISTER VERANO 2019

Date 2019-06-29
Temporal extent 2019-06-07 -2019-06-28
Author(s) Bárcenas Graniel Juan FranciscoORCID1, Mendoza Olea Itzel Joceline1, Montalvo Dzib Mirna Guadalupe1, Pech Lopez Fatima Lucelly1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Universidad del Caribe, Mexico
DOI 10.17882/73592
Publisher SEANOE
Note This work was done as part of the Professional internship activities that Environmental Engineering of the Universidad del Caribe students must take throughout their career.
Keyword(s) Isla Mujeres, CTD, Caribbean

This work consisted of making  CTD measurements on the coasts of Isla Mujeres, as well as in the lagoons called "las salinas". The main objective was to have records of temperature and salinity of the Isla Mujeres water bodies . So measurements were made with a Castaway Sontek CTD with a total of 68 measurements. The names of these lagoons "Las salinas" are; Laguna Makax and Salina Chica. The information was analyzed statistically and maps were made in geographic information systems QGIS. The results were that  “Las salinas” found salinity levels between 4.6 PSU and 12 PSU. The Makax lagoon is the body of water that registered higher salinity values ​​(38.23 PSU on average) due to its proximity to the sea. The salinity of the sea that surrounds Isla Mujeres is 35.48 PSU on average.

Licence CC-BY
Utilisation This data set is submitted in good faith only. The authors and the Universidad del Caribe will not accept responsibility or liability for third party use or interpretation of data.
Acknowledgements To Laboratorio de Tecnologías Ambientales, Cuerpo Académico Sistemas Energéticos y Sustentabilidad CASES, Programa educativo de Ingeniería Ambiental del Departamento de Ciencias Básicas e Ingenierías de la Universidad del Caribe. To Mr. Juan Martín and Mrs. Bellamar Garrido for giving us their help for the mobility of the work team. In the same way we want to thank the young Jonatan Figueroa del Moral for giving us all the possible help to transport us from one place to another.
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Device, CC1502005CTD SONTEK Castaway

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Bárcenas Graniel Juan Francisco, Mendoza Olea Itzel Joceline, Montalvo Dzib Mirna Guadalupe, Pech Lopez Fatima Lucelly (2019). CTD Castaway shallow water cast Mexican North Caribbean/ CAISTER VERANO 2019. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/73592