Raw data from a wide-angle seismic survey in the Grenada Basin

The main objectives of the GARANTI cruise (Geodynamical conditions for Aves Ridge and the Lesser ANTIlles arc splitting) concern the geodynamic conditions that prevail during the splitting between the north-south-trending Aves Ridge, an extinct volcanic arc back of the Lesser Antilles, and the present volcanic arc sitting on the Atlantic edge of the Caribbean Plate. Modalities of the stretching are poorly constrained and thus controversial. During the 2017 Garanti cruise, three combined wide-angle and reflection seismic profiles, together with gravity and magnetic data, were acquired in the Lesser Antilles Backarc. The resulting velocity models show the sedimentary and crustal structures along Aves Ridge, the Grenada Basin and the modern arc.


Marine geology


Grenada Basin, Wide-angle seismic, Antilles, Back-arc basin


17.5N, 13S, -60E, -63.5W


Auffret, Y., Pelleau, P., Klingelhoefer, F., Geli, L., Crozon, J., Lin, J. Y., & Sibuet, J. C. (2004). MicrOBS: A new generation of ocean bottom seismometer. First Break, 22(7), 41-47.

Hello, Y., Guralp, C., Yates, B., Anglade, A., Desprez, O., Smith, A., ... & Charvis, P. (2008). The GEOAZUR/GURAL<< HIPPOCAMPE>> OBS/LTOBS.


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52 MoSEGYRaw data
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Lebrun Jean-Frederic, Lallemand Serge, Marcaillou Boris, Klingelhoefer Frauke (2020). Raw data from a wide-angle seismic survey in the Grenada Basin. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/74223

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