New network of virtual altimetry stations for measuring sea level along the world coastlines

Until recently, classical radar altimetry could not provide reliable sea level data  within 10 km to the coast. However dedicated reprocessing of radar waveform  together with geophysical corrections adapted for the coastal regions now allows  to fill this gap at a large number of coastal sites. In the context of the Climate Change Initiative Sea Level project of the European Space Agency, we have recently performed a complete reprocessing of high resolution (20 Hz, i.e., 350m)  along-track altimetry data of the Jason-1, Jason-2 and Jason-3 missions over  January 2002 to June 2021 along the coastal zones of Northeast Atlantic,  Mediterranean Sea, whole African continent, North Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia,  Australia and North and South America. This reprocessing has provided valid sea  level data in the 0-20 km band from the coast. A total of 1189 altimetry-based  virtual coastal stations have been selected and sea level anomalies time series  together with associated coastal sea level trends have been computed over the study time span. In the coastal regions devoid from tide gauges  (e.g., African coastlines), these virtual stations offer a unique tool for estimating  sea level change close to the coast (typically up to 3 km to the coast but in many  instances up to 1 km or even closer). Results show that at most of the virtual  stations, the rate of sea level rise at the coast is similar to the rate offshore (15 km away from the coast). However, at some stations, the sea level rate in the last 3-4 km to the coast is either faster or slower than offshore.


Physical oceanography


Satellite altimetry, coastal sea level, coastal sea level trends


60.35354N, -44.926763S, 178.945313E, -18.984375W


Jason-1, Jason-2, Jason-3 altimeter satellites


Catalogue of Virtual Stations v2.3
172 MoPDF 108451
Version 2.3
256 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data 108450
Version 2.2 (obsolete version)
34 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
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Cazenave Anny, Gouzenes Yvan, Lancelot Leclercq, Birol Florence, Legér Fabien, Passaro Marcello, Calafat Francisco M, Shaw Andrew, Niño Fernando, Legeais Jean François, Oelsmann Julius, Benveniste Jérôme (2024). New network of virtual altimetry stations for measuring sea level along the world coastlines. SEANOE.
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Cazenave Anny, Gouzenes Yvan, Birol Florence, Leger Fabien, Passaro Marcello, Calafat Francisco M., Shaw Andrew, Nino Fernando, Legeais Jean François, Oelsmann Julius, Restano Marco, Benveniste Jérôme (2022). Sea level along the world’s coastlines can be measured by a network of virtual altimetry stations. Communications Earth & Environment, 3 (1).
Benveniste Jérôme, Birol Florence, Calafat Francisco, Cazenave Anny, Dieng Habib, Gouzenes Yvan, Legeais Jean François, Léger Fabien, Niño Fernando, Passaro Marcello, Schwatke Christian, Shaw Andrew (2020). Coastal sea level anomalies and associated trends from Jason satellite altimetry over 2002–2018. Scientific Data, 7 (1).

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