Thermosalinometer data from R/V Cornide de Saavedra (2006-2013)

In the framework of the R/V Cornide de Saavedra (Spanish Institute of Oceanography, IEO) field works, a continuous thermosalinometer (TSG) recorder was installed in 2006. From this moment, daily data was sent to the IEO datacenter until the end of the vessel activity in 2013. After a detailed quality control/quality asessment revision, that includes checking the clock, position, and recorded temperature, salinity and fluorometry values, the whole dataset is provided with quality flags (QF) that improved their usability. Datafiles and the QF follow the standards.


Physical oceanography


thermosalinometer data, research vessel


50N, 25S, -25E, 5W


24 MoASCQuality controlled data
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