Cape Terawhiti ADCP Dataset

Date 2010-08-23
Temporal extent 2010-08-23 -2010-09-27
Author(s) Stevens CraigORCID1, 2, Stewart CraigORCID1, Grant BrettORCID1
Affiliation(s) 1 : NIWA, New Zeland
2 : Uni. Auckland, New Zeland
DOI 10.17882/76439
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) tidal channel, Cook Strait, marine energy

Cape Terawhiti ADCP Dataset

Original focus was to capture ocean currents over a spring neap cycle in eastern Cook Strait, a location of strong tidal flows.



  • Depth 34 m of water off Cape Terawhiti, Cook Strait, New Zealand.

  • 41o 16.689 S 174o 35.857 E


  • Recording Doppler Current Profiler (RDCP, serial number 0200) manufactured by AADI (Aanderaa) Norway.


  • Upward looking

  • 2 m bins at 1 m intervals

  • 300 sec interval

  • 100 pings

  • Ping interval 740 mSec

  • 25% duty cycle


  • declination            :+22

  • start_time             :2010/08/25 08:45:00

  • stop_time              :2010/10/07 13:35:00

  • utc_offset             :+12


  •     printf,luout,'Experiment: Cape Terawhiti ADCP Dataset 2010'

  •     printf,luout,'Location: 41o 16.689 S 174o 35.857 E'

  •     printf,luout,'Water Depth 34 m'

  •     printf,luout,'Cook Strait New Zealand'

  •     printf,luout,'collected by NZ NIWA'

  •     printf,luout,'Craig Stevens & Craig Stewart & Brett Grant'

  •     printf,luout,'SN=0200 RDCP AADI ADCP'

  •     printf,luout,'Time UTC'

  •     printf,luout,'Data are in pairs of lines (ie 2 lines for every time step)'

  •     printf,luout,'time and velocity magnitude cm/s'

  •     printf,luout,'time and direction is true north deg'

  •     printf,luout,'compass corrected for declination +22o and frame effects'

  •     printf,luout,'top line is height above bed'

Licence CC-BY
Acknowledgements We are grateful to the Captain and crew of the RV Kaharoa as well as Fiona Elliott and Tim Divett. Funding was provided by NEW Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology and the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) Capability Fund.
Sensor metadata

Acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) 600 kHz

File Size Format Processing Access
ADCP data 940 KB ASC Processed data Open access
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