Marine Meteorological Data from R/V Ramon Margalef 2015

R/V Ramon Margalef was built in 2012 for oceanographic research purposes. It mainly operates around Iberian Peninsula waters. Since the beginning of its activity, an automatic weather station has been continuously working, 1-minute sampling marine meteorological data at open sea but also at port. Collected data are directly sent to the Spanish Institute of Oceanogrphy (IEO) Data Center / National Oceanographic Data Center for delayed mode quality control and long-term archive. In the last times, a semi-automatic quality control/quality assessment has been performed on them, and data are formatted in standard format, while a quality flag has been added to each single measurement. This facilitate their reusing for different purposes, from climatology or academical studies to industrial sector needs, between others.

In 2015, air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction and solar radiation were collected.




marine meteorology, research vessel


50N, 20S, 10E, -20W


Monthly files from automatic weather station onboard R/V Ramon Margalef
4 MoTEXTQuality controlled data
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